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Luxury living reinvented

Welcome to FullHouse showroom

You have a new house or want to change your interior with modern, stylish designs – you have come to the right place. FullHouse is a furniture and home styling designer, manufacturer and distributor. We offer an exquisite range of wooden and glass furniture, upholstery, as well as kitchen and home accessories.

We cooperate with overseas partners and experts to provide the latest and greatest designs and make it available to our clients – you. In our showroom you will find imported models as well as in-house designed and produced furniture inspired by European and Korean style. Every piece is beautifully hand-crafted and carefully finished to present timeless elegance and uncompromised quality.

Let yourself be inspired.

You will surely be charmed by our products which can exclusively be designed and custom-made to suit your envy and lifestyle.

Enjoy the visit and please do not hesitate to ask our sales team for further information, we will be happy to help you.

With FullHouse you enjoy:

Exclusive design

Exceptional quality

Professional service


Living room

A room for all occasions

The living room is usually the first room that greets you after a long day. A space to relax and welcome your guests, it should represent your lifestyle and identity – elegant, tasteful and yours. A place to feel instantly at home surrounded by the things and people you love.

Make it have a wow factor every time one enters in


More than just cooking

Do you know the difference between a kitchen and a FullHouse? In a kitchen food is simply cooked, in a FullHouse kitchen cooking becomes an enjoyment. Kitchen interior Design by FullHouse offers new and creative possibilities. The options available here lead to designs far beyond from a simple kitchen planning.

 A high-quality and lavishly designed kitchen is what FullHouse Decoration offers to its clients – the best.


Spruce up your bathroom and steep in beauty

Looking to add some modernity and hotel-style design to your bathroom? A clean design is timeless and always stylish emphasizing on the quality and luxury of the material. Make the bathroom yours – perfect space to relax your mind and body.

The possibility to custom-made and choose our best materials is available.


A place of restlessness and relaxation

The bedroom is the primary place of relaxation, where we all retire to take a good sleep and refresh, away from the world and worries. The bedroom interior design is extremely important in order to provide that instant feel of relaxation without ignoring the beauty surrounding us.

Make it represent you by personalizing the designs to your needs.